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The power of happiness

Valuable presentation of Jennifer Aaker van Stanford.

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There is no crisis, we are in transformation of an era.
That hearts sometimes and sometime we see a glimps of a beautiful future.
And then we see the Kilimanjaro we face to get there…
We re-evaluate our fundaments and convictions.
To prepare for the leap we have to take to do it differently.
Fundamental questions come to mind and in the discussion.
What is happiness? When do we have enough? How do we measure it?
Can we use it as a force or as something to bind the nations?
Is it BDP, like in Bhutan?
Trending topic at many organisations and companies.
The database of happiness (40 years of research) is at the Erasmus university in Rotterdam.

This presentation is maybe a start in your thinking. Make it a topic in your company.
If you need any help, just send us an email.

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