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How is your own wifi working for you?

Do you have a brainteaser, are you looking for some creative solutions? Before you start, please check your own wifi. Do you have all stripes? Is your radar wide open? To get ideas you have to have your reception wide open. Only then ideas have a chance to pop up in your head. Also the so called ‘fish-200-ideas’. People often ask: how do you come up with original ideas on command?

Many books about this subject, brainstorming-techniques widely spread, trainings on high mountains. By the way, you mak the best, orginal ideas in a team of max. 3 people. Bigger so-called brainstorms are for getting consensus about ideas. So never go empty-headed to bigger brainstorms. Your chances are that your ideas (already thought-through) are picked. We organize those kind of big brainstorm-meetings for ‘artificial insemination’ of ideas. Because getting people behind ideas, it helps when they are involved in the birth of the idea. Ofcourse in that case, you have to put your ego aside.

To get to those original ideas (the ones you come up with by yourself or in a small team) takes  just work, work, work and you need a state of flow. Or, like brain-specialists say to come into the ‘awakened mind state’. Also many books you can find about this subject with always these pictures about brain-waves:


How to get there? For me nature helps, a trip in the forrest, quit the mind, let the ‘initial question of the brief simmer in your head. After a while, let it go and do something completely different, then come back in a quit state of mind and wait. It pops up in your head. Now and then braindump of all ideas that come up, because the one idea might spark another one. The first ideas (fishes) are likely to be not so original. But in this proces, everything is ok. The most important thing is to start with getting the right question and often that question is not yet in the brief. The better the question, the better the ideas.

To come up with ideas you need an open mind. A mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open! Note everything that pops up, old, new, grazy, stupid: later on you will make combinations and choices. Then the idea turns into a concept. And don’t forget: we were born creative, so you just have to train that muscle again.

Do you want to know more about getting your wifi open and your creativity flowing: we have a great lecture and/or workshop with inspiring examples and tips & tricks.

During our MonkeyDo you get the opportunity to work with top-creative people who will show you how to develop a concept and work with you. It is always great to learn from the best!

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