Published on January 25th, 2016 | by thezooooo

Do you have red socks in your portfolio?

Nobody is waiting for something new. We are waiting for something valuable. Something worthwhile to talk to your neighbour about it. Something people would commend on: “hè, that’s clever, thank you!’ and will tell others: ‘you should have this, try it!’. We are waiting what in retail is called ‘red socks’. You need red socks to sell the grey. Those are the products or services that stand out, that are produced with great taste, with love, with attention and have a lot of relevance.

Companies need a lot of red socks in this transformation-age. Not only for sales, but to make their identity clear and unique. The message of the identity brought to life in the product or service. It creates sustainable value. And even better: people talk about red socks, so it saves you a lot of advertising. And advertising-people love to make GREAT advertising about red socks, so it will make everybodies live easier. You just have to add another creativity in your R&D and innovation department.  More designthinking, more storytelling.


So how is your portfolio? Any red socks? If you need any help developing red socks, just give us a call. We can help you with our  “MonkeyDo”programm, That’s one of our red socks.

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