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How does it work?

The Zooooo is a community of authentic, independent, smart, experienced, creative, wise and entrepreneurial people.

I form a swarm around every project, the network has developed over the years and everything is in the casting. The team are used to working in the swarm, big enough egos to work together. And having fun along the way.

The services of the Zooooo

Monkey Do
Togehter, in teams of minimum 6 people, we develop new businessconcepts. You learn best aping from others. While you are doing the work, you learn everything to do it yourself next time. Read everything about MonkeyDo: More about MonkeyDo

The Zooooo Ticket for a Year
We have 5 entree-cards to The Zooooo. We look for variety, for challenge and for the right click. We want to be involved for at least a year because innovation and change needs dedication and loyalty. Above all: if we put our hearts and souls in the relationship, we think commitment is very important. What do you get in this card?:

  • Outside-inside view
  • Proactive on our RADAR, we signal trends that are important for you, alert you in business development, expand your network and bring you creative energy.
  • Three times a year a Summit @ The Zooooo:
  • 4 day parts can be filled in within the expertise of The Zooooo: Marketing advice, creative concepting, generation of ideas, training of staff.
  • 24/7 telephone and email service for board of directors.
  • Pollination of people and companies for valuable growth.

At this moment 2 cards left for 2018. After one intake, we can see if The Zooooo Ticket for a Year is yours!

Speaker/Event host
As a ‘motivational speaker’, Irene has a wide range of topics around marketing of which she can speak enthusiasticly and with humor. She involves the audience in her stories which can last from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. It is also possible to hire her as a host to bring various parts of your event together. A combination of speaker and event host is also possible, that goes without saying. To see an example of a typical “Irene story” watch her talk about the World of the Bees as a metaphor for a company.


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