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Greece, never spoil a good crisis: be a pilot-country.

klein tomatenhangerSome time ago the Germans called our tomatoes ‘wasserbomben’. That kickstarted a large crisis among the tomato-growers in Holland. At that point you could find 2 different kind of tomatoes at the supermarket and to be honest: the taste was a bit… like water. Some of the growers went belly-up, others started (finally!) to innovate. A crisis often helps to get you going and try something really new. Nothing to loose. It gave birth to many great flavors, colors and sizes and even a brand of tomatoes: Tasty Toms. They even introduced a tomato-hanger for on your kitchen-counter. Maybe that’s pushing it a little bit, but it shows enthousiasme and guts.

So what could be the lesson for all of us when we talk about Greece? Of course they have to reform, but be careful not to use the same instruments again. In stead of blaming and shaming, can we come up with something really exciting, entrepreneurial and new? A concept that in the long run is beneficiary for all of us? After all, we all are in tranformation towards a new era. Why not turn this in an opportunity and f.i. pilot and implement all new concepts that are floating around, turning Greece into a game-changing, guiding-country for a real Europe-vision on 2050? Combine Uber, AirBnB, basic-income, Peerby,, vege-gardens, slow-economy with the latest tech-inventions on energy-producing infrastructure and make a visionary plan for a happy, sustainable, cultural Europe.

Invite a few great entrepreneurial companies and creative thinkers to think&do&invest along, make the proces also into something different than only politics and government, find a way to bypass party-politics. Get a small creative basic-team in place that co-creates with several groups for the best results. You can always use our MonkeyDo-proces, proven to be very helpful in leading transformation 😉 Build the trust of at least 1/3 of the people, finding the tipping point. Pitch this inspiring adventure to them and make them responsible for getting the rest of the swarm on board. Make a temporary laws making sure that everybody stays committed for 5 years. No bickering along the way (ok, maybe now and then to let off steam), focus and work. Co-create together and communicate constantly on the ‘why, how, what’ you are doing. So-you-think-you-can-Greece. Get a review-board of Europe’s smartest and distill all lessons for Europe 2050. Created, tested and started in Greece. Our loan becomes a startup-country investment. The stories and lessons will be valuable and inspiring for all of us. It will spark the greek in everyones heart. It is not the first time in history that a new society is born there: so, why not? So people in Greece, if you get excited reading this and you feel up for this quest, vote for a party that is most likely to take such an approach. Demand that they start putting a multidisciplinairy team together and go! It would be great to get to a new phase of rebooting and building again. Never spoil a good crisis!

can't solve a problem on the same level it was created

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